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Sign up for our Young Adult Summer Reading program. Informational packets and sign-up available in the Young Adult section of the library.
No fees, no minimum requirements, just a lot of summer fun. Ages 12-17.


Writing Contest

Let’s help keep stories alive and well.  REL is searching around in a futurist world scavenging for books.  Civilization has broken down, and people in North America live in small settlements.  For most of REL’s life she’s been the only person her age in her village.  She spends her free time reading and painting, and traveling the countryside looking for books.  As a result of her travels, REL has accumulated quite a collection of abandoned animals, both domestic and exotic.  Lately she’s not certain if she’s looking for books, animals, or something else entirely.

Can you write her story?  Or maybe her next adventure?  Some things to consider while writing or use to write about:

What happened to civilization?

What does REL stand for?

  The art she has painted on the wall is Manga style. Did she teach herself?

How did she come to rescue a Russian tortoise that is native to central Asia?

Who is Art, and where did he come from?

Why is the hedgehog named ”Frog”?

Be as creative as you can and use descriptive language and/or graphics.  Please turn in your finished stories by July 10th’s Summer Reading Program
 and I will announce a winner the last meeting of the SRP July 17th

Direct questions to : Sandy Rahn ; YA Programming      944-6452


A table of games and brain teasers for one or more people has been added to our Young Adult area. Stop by and meet the challenge.
Bring your friends or challenge yourself to a game of your choice. Many to choose from. No time schedule or limit.


TEEN GROUP - Anybody ages 11-17 are invited to join us on the fourth Thursday every month for an event. On occasion there will be a special program or movie night instead.
Meetings provide a place and time dedicated to your age group. Games, crafts, snacks and discussions are the norm. We also want to hear your suggestions for the
library. Tell us the books, movies and activities that teens want to find at their public library.


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