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April 2009 Board Minutes

Geneseo Public Library District
Board Meeting
April 13, 2009

The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library District met in regular session in the Hammond Room of the Library on April 13, 2009. President Jim Hale called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM. Board Members in attendance were Jim Hale, Barbara Erdman, Darline Holland, Holly McAvoy, Dave Johnson and Jim Luikart. Gary ZumMallen was absent. Also in attendance were Claire Crawford, Library Director, Dr. Jan Dyke, Cathy Stone, Lisa DePies from the Geneseo Republic and Deb Wyffels, as scribe. There were no changes to the agenda.

Citizen’s Input

There was no comment from the citizens who were present.

Secretary’s Report

There were no additions or corrections to the secretary’s report. Jim Luikart made a motion to approve the minutes. Darline Holland seconded the motion. There was no correspondence.

Financial Report

Claire asked if there were any questions concerning the report. Barb Erdman asked where the $21,000 for the building fund came from. Claire was uncertain and said the interim bookkeeper would have to be consulted. Dave Johnson asked when the budget year begins and ends. He was informed that July will be the beginning of a new fiscal budget for the library. Holly McAvoy asked for clarification of the contingency expense. Claire reported that the money to pay the interim bookkeeper and janitorial staff came from this fund. Barb asked about line 402 and the over expenditure of Audio-Visual Materials concerning Music CD and Video’s and the under-expenditure of Recorded Books. Claire explained that she has been buying more abridged recorded books that cost less than the unabridged books. She also felt they take up less room in the collection. Jim Hale stated that he thought a policy concerning the purchase of unabridged vs. abridge material be established. When asked, staff member Deb Wyffels, reported that with past directors the library has always purchased unabridged books on tape but that it wasn't a written policy. She also said donations of abridged books had been added to the collection. Claire was asked to show examples of sizes and she brought in example s from the collection. She also showed the board “Playaways” and explained how they work. Claire also talked about the future possibility of downloading books to a patron’s personal MP3 player. She also talked about digitalizing parts of the collection. Holly asked about Kindles (electronic books). Claire said the cost is too expensive for check out. Holly said that other libraries only use them in house. Jim Hale again suggested a policy for the purchase of unabridged books vs. abridged. Claire said she would post it on the PALS site and see what other libraries do. Jim Luikart moved to accept the financial report as written. Holly McAvoy seconded the motion. The report was unanimously approved by a roll call vote.

Building Committee Report

Jim Hale asked for a vote concerning the orientation of the building resulting from the discussion at the last Building Committee meeting on March 28th, 2009. Darline Holland made a motion that the entrance of the building would face west and the building would be located next to the highway with the parking lot built behind the building. Jim Luikart seconded the motion. Cathy Stone asked the board to note that the wind coming out of the west would certainly poise a problem with the entrance and the visibility of the parking lot should also be considered. The motion was unanimously approved by roll call vote.  Mr. Hale will advise Alan Armbrust to go to the city with the board’s proposal and let bids be taken. A motion to accept the minutes from the March 28th Committee meeting was made and seconded.  By roll call vote it was passed unanimously.

Library Report

Claire reported that April 13-18 is National Library Week. During that week and the following week the library will again have the “Food for Fines” program. Patrons can bring in one non-perishable item for each $1 amount owed to pay off their overdue fines during this time frame. The items will then be donated to the Geneseo Food Pantry. It does not include payment for lost or damaged items. Claire reported that a new children’s computer was set up in the children’s department. She reported she has also been going to the schools to read. The library sponsored an Egg Decorating craft day at the library on April 4th. Marina, the children’s programmer, reported to Claire that 105 children attended and it was a successful day.  Claire has written for a grant so she can attend “Library Camp” from June 7-14 in Bradley. Claire also asked the board if old computers no longer needed for the library could be sold. Holly McAvoy suggested how to sell the computers to the public fairly and reasonably.

Unfinished Business

An IMRF agent for the library needed to be appointed due to the absence of a bookkeeper. Barb Erdman made a motion for Claire Crawford to be appointed to the position. Jim seconded the motion. The motion was carried by voice vote. Mrs. Crawford will be responsible for representing the library with sign up for all new incoming employees’ benefits, out going employee’s benefits and a required monthly examination of benefits being paid to IMRF. The new bookkeeper/accountant will be responsible for accounting of payments.  

Jim Luikart and Dave Johnson excused themselves from the room due to conflict of interest. Discussion then continued on the outsourcing of the bookkeeping job. Holly presented a spread sheet she had developed with the bids for the job. She then made a motion that Miller Farm & Business be hired. Barb Erdman seconded the motion. The motion was unanimous by roll call vote. Jim Luikart and Dave Johnson then re-joined the meeting. Mr. Luikart was told the firm he is employed by received the vote. He thanked the board and suggested the date to begin the job after tax season. The board decided to still sign any checks issued. Mr. Luikart said that employee payroll can be made by direct deposit or as it is now by checks issued, that it was up to the employee.

New Business

Dave Johnson said he has talked with Duane Smith from Federal Farm. Mr. Smith has agreed to come and speak to the board about alternative funding for the new library. Since May is the month to seat the new officers it was asked of Mr. Johnson to have Mr. Smith come in June. Mr. Hale asked the board to think about the new officers for next month and he said he would like to step down from office due to his health. Mr. Johnson then went on to suggest to the board that only half of the land would be used for a new library and he suggested to plant two acres of it in Prairie grass and plants. Initially he said it would be expensive to purchase the seed and plant. He also said it takes up to three years to establish a field. The board tabled the issue for a later date.

Fundraising Report

Holly McAvoy said she is waiting for the revised drawing from Alan before any new marketing can be done. Dave Johnson suggested obtaining names and addresses of graduating class members so material can be sent out to help with donations.


President Jim Hale called for a motion for the meeting to adjourn. Dave Johnson made the motion and Holly McAvoy seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:26 PM.

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