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August 2011 Board Minutes

Board of Trustees Meeting
August 8, 2011

The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library District met in regular session in the Hammond Room of the Library on Monday, July 8, 2011. President Gary ZumMallen called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.  Board members in attendance included Barbara Erdman, Mary Farrell, Darline Holland, Dave Johnson, Holly McAvoy and Gary ZumMallen. Dr. Jan Dyke was absent. Also attending the meeting were Library Director Claire Crawford, library IT Brant Betcher and staff member Deb Wyffels, as scribe.


There were no changes to the Agenda.  


Citizen’s Input

There was no comment from the citizens present at this time. Cathy Stone arrived later.


Library Minutes
There were two corrections to the minutes from last month. Darline Holland made a motion to approve the amended minutes. Mary Farrell seconded the motion. In a roll call vote the minutes were approved by all as read with the corrections.


Financial Report

Jim Luikart from Miller Farm and Business presented the financial information and bills to be paid to Dave Johnson, treasurer, before the meeting began. Dave reported to the board that all the bills are covered. Mr. Luikart explained that the new fiscal year has started. Also there will not be a renewal on a money market CD at Blackhawk Bank so he and Mr. Johnson will be going there in the near future to take care of that.  A motion by Holly McAvoy and seconded by Dave Johnson for all the bills to be paid was made. In a roll call vote the bills were approved for payment by a unanimous vote.


Mr. Luikart reported that he had been in contact with the library’s insurance agency and that the insurance coverage for the empty library if not sold will be approximately $1000.


Gary ZumMallen presented a $170,349.35 application #10 payment to the architect that was requested. A motion was made by Dave Johnson to pay this bill. The motion was seconded by Barb Erdman. In a roll call vote this bill was approved by all. Also the amount of $400 for legal fees was presented. A motion by Darline Holland and seconded by Mary Farrell to pay this bill was made. In a roll call vote this bill was approved by all.


Jim Luikart asked the director if the public had registered any concerns over the 2011-2012 Tentative Budget.  Mrs. Crawford replied there had been no concerns. Mr. Luikart noted there is a change to the amount in the Children’s Programming budget and also the insurance amount. Holly McAvoy made a motion to accept the 2011-2012 budget. Barb Erdman seconded the motion. In a roll call vote the budget was approved by all. Mr. Luikart said that the Final Budget and Appropriations Ordinance will be published in the paper.


Mr. ZumMallen reported on the bids for millwork for the new library. Two bids were submitted. One bid was by Cato Wood Work for $77,675 and one by Carroll Seating for $76,654. Darline Holland made a motion to accept the lower bid from Carroll Seating. Barb Erdman seconded the motion. In a roll call vote the lower bid was approved by all. Precision Builders will do the installation.


Mr. Luikart left at 6:55 pm.


New Library Technology Report

Brant Betcher, library IT, reported on the progress of the technology and wiring at the new library. He has been working with the Geneseo phone company to complete the wiring. The total cost is $15,030.  He reported that 85 percent of the new library will be hardwired and 15 percent will be wireless. All will be secure inside and out. Brant estimated that a total of under $8000 will be needed to complete the technology project for hardware and equipment in the new library. Holly McAvoy made a motion to allow Mr. Betcher to spend up to $8000 to complete the project. Darline Holland seconded the motion. In a voice vote the motion was passed by all.


Mr. Betcher also gave a short presentation on camera security systems. Futher discussion was tabled until the next meeting when Brant can bring in cost estimates. Mr. Betcher left at 7:35 pm.


Librarian’s Report

Library Director Claire Crawford presented the Librarian’s Report. $100,000 from the Davis Trust was put into the building fund. This closes the trust with no more future income from that account. A gift of $11,062.50 was received from the Myers Charitable Trust Fund. Mrs. Crawford suggested this gift be used for a handicapped accessible entrance door to the new library. A motion by Mary Farrell was made to use the gift money for a handicapped accessible door and seconded by Holly McAvoy. In a voice vote the motion was approved by all.


Paragon Interiors notified the director that the new material for the chairs has arrived. She will see that the chair backs will be delivered to Carleton Upholstery in Moline, IL for the re-upholstering renovation.


The director asked the board to approve the Illinois Standards Legal Compliance Statue so that she could apply for the Per Capita Grant. Mrs. Crawford read what the library’s qualifications had to be in compliance with the statue. In a motion by Darline Holland and seconded by Mary Farrell the Legal Compliance Statue verification was approved by voice vote from all board members present. Another motion by Dave Johnson to permit the director to apply for the Per Capita Grant for next year was made. The motion was seconded by Mary Farrell. By voice vote the motion was approved by all.


Mrs. Crawford asked for the records of the executive sessions for the fiscal year to be sealed. A motion was made by Darline Holland to seal the records. The motion was seconded by Mary Farrell. In a voice vote the motion was approved by all.

Mrs. Crawford stated she will purchase perennials in memory of her parents for the flower garden at the new library. The Geneseo Garden Club has agreed to plant them next spring.


The architect was in contact with Mrs. Crawford. He suggested a couple ways to recognize contributions and donations given by the public to the library. Mrs. Crawford suggested a time be set up for donors and staff to tour the new library. Holly McAvoy suggested that a separate night be set aside for donors of the library building fund.


The Kiwanis presented the library with a gift of another $1000. Mrs. Crawford asked about the letter that will be sent to the Republic by Mr. ZumMallen and Mrs. McAvoy. Mrs. McAvoy replied that an article will be written on the new library by the Republic after the Open House and that no letter was needed.


Unfinished Business
Designs of a building dedication plaque for the board, director, architect and construction company were reviewed by the board. Holly McAvoy made a motion to buy the plaque that had a black background, bronze letters in upper and lower case and made out of cast aluminum for the new library. Barb Erdman seconded the motion. A voice vote was called and all approved.

Donor plaques were discussed but tabled. Estimates are going be gathered before a decision will be made. 

Notices for events that the library is able to post are for non-profit organizations and questions regarding the legitimate use of said events should be left up to the Director. Placement of such items to be posted were discussed and tabled for the present time.

There was a discussion about the location of the book drop at the new library. Mary Farrell suggested the book drop be moved to the turn-around.  The discussion was tabled for the next meeting. This will give board members a chance to view the locations at the walk through on August 20.

New Business

Mr. ZumMallen handed out an invitation to the board and staff to tour the interior of the construction of the new library on Saturday, August 20 at 9:00 am.


Darline Holland, board secretary, will write Thank You notes to Linda Altermatt for her service as board scribe. Also to Kim and Rich Bollinger for the generous free use of their building for library construction purposes and to Robert Nash & Curt Ford for acquiring all the Davis Trust money for the new library.


Claire reported that Overdrive will begin September 1, 2011 and to watch for OMNI library announcement coming soon.


Cathy Stone suggested that the Historical Collection be watched more closely because items are turning up missing and cannot be replaced. She asked that the material stay in house and not be allowed outside of the library proper. Mrs. Stone is the volunteer host of the library’s Genealogy Group. Mary Farrell suggested that the Historical Collection be kept behind the counter to prevent items from walking out the door.


Gary ZumMallen reported that a donation made by Dr. John Loucks cannot be found.


Two ads will be put in the Republic. One ad is for a new scribe at the board meetings and another ad is for bids for cleaning at the new library.



At 8:55 pm Gary ZumMallen made a motion to adjourn. Dave Johnson seconded the motion. The next regular meeting of the Board will be in the Hammond Room of the Library on Monday, September 12, at 6:30 PM.

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