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February 2011 Board Minutes

Geneseo Public Library District
Board of Trustees Meeting
February 14, 2011

The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library District met in regular session in the Hammond Room of the Library on February 14, 2011. President Gary ZumMallen called the meeting to order at 6:35. Board members in attendance included Jeanne Brucher, Dr. Jan Dyke, Barbara Erdman, Darline Holland, Holly McAvoy and Gary ZumMallen. Dave Johnson was absent. Also attending the meeting were Library Director Claire Crawford, Jim Luikart, who turned in the Financial Report, Deb Wyffels, and Linda Altermatt as scribe. Attorney John Bean was in attendance for the first few minutes of the meeting. The Agenda was altered slightly to allow for a brief exchange of information between Mr. Bean and the Library Board.


Mr. Bean has arranged for meeting at the bank to include Jim Luikart, Gary ZumMallen and himself. Barbara Erdman stated that there seemed to be a great deal of paperwork regarding progress at the worksite and billing for those services. Mr. Bean stated that the Library’s architect, Alan Armbrust, is responsible for determining the accuracy of billing for materials and labor minus the 15% retainer. The footings for the construction are complete and the next check likely will be about $200,000 in payment for the steel beams. With John Beans departure, the Board resumed their regular Agenda.


Citizens’ Input

There was no comment from the citizens who were present.


Secretary’s Report

President ZumMallen called the Board’s attention to the minutes of the January meeting. Darline Holland made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Barbara Erdman seconded that motion and in voice vote all Board members present approved the motion.

There were two pieces of correspondence to be read. Susan Skora, President of the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend sent a letter with a check enclosed in the amount of $1,934 from the Geneseo Public Library District Endowment for the annual drawdown for 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. In future, the Library will receive an annual drawdown during the first quarter of each year of approximately $480, depending on market conditions. Additionally, the Library is now entered as a receiving participant in the Birdies for Charity from the John Deere Classic Golf Tournament. Andrew Lehman sent a letter confirming that registration and issuing a bird number. The Board briefly discussed ways that this could be publicized.


Financial Report

Jim Luikart presented the Financial Report in Dave Johnson’s absence. He noted that some purchases of periodicals, DVD’s, and movies were over budget, but these expenses will be moved to reflect their purchase with grant monies and per capita funds particular to specific requirements. Additionally there are expenses that are directly connected to the construction of the new building. Several Board members had questions regarding the transfer of funds from accounts designated for that construction. The total payout for the work as of February 15 stands at about $300,000. Barbara Erdman made a motion to accept the Financial Report and Bills to be Paid as presented. Jeanne Brucher seconded that motion and in roll call vote all Board members present approved the motion. With the completion of the Financial Report, Jim Luikart left the meeting at 6:55.


Librarian’s Report

Library Director Claire Crawford presented the Librarian’s Report. She had several questions for the Board. The AARP volunteers assisting citizens with their income tax reports have asked the Library to consider taking requests for reservations for specific appointment times. Mrs. Crawford asked the Board for a decision on this request. After some discussion, the Board determined that it would involve significant staff time to attempt to set up reservation times and appointments. It could also present a question of maintaining confidentiality for those people who were requesting assistance. It was decided to continue to operate this service as it has been done in years past.


Because of the severe weather this winter, Mrs. Crawford asked for guidance regarding the established policy to close the Library in conjunction with school closures. After a good deal of discussion, the Board agreed on several basic points. When the schools close early due to inclement weather, the Library will stay open two hours longer if weather permits. If the school is closed on a second or third day due to bad roads or severe cold, it will be the Director’s decision to determine if the Library should open with restricted hours: possibly opening later than usual or closing earlier than usual.  Final decisions must be made on the ability of staff members to get to work as well as whether the parking lot and streets are cleared. Public notice is to be posted alerting Library patrons to the need to call ahead in case of inclement weather. Staff members who have difficulty getting to the Library for their work schedules due to bad weather or roads could take sick leave or use vacation time if absolutely necessary. If staff members cannot come in as scheduled, they will be required to notify the director by phone. When possible, they may be allowed to make up the lost time within that same pay period.


Library Director Crawford was asked by Board members to present a written policy regarding employee leave policies. Some staff members have asked to be allowed to use their sick leave with pay when taking care of family members who are incapacitated. The Employee Manual seemed to be a little vague in regard to the policy for absence due to illness of family members. Changes in the regulations in conjunction with the IMRF will affect these policies. The Staff should be encouraged to ask questions and bring up other topics of concern as the Board begins to consider rewriting the Employee Manual.


Mrs. Crawford stated that a number of patrons had questions regarding the progress of the construction of the new building. It was agreed that President ZumMallen should consider writing another Letter to the Editor updating that information.

The Board asked for additional information regarding the various types of digital reading devices and E-readers. They wondered what types of technology worked well in conjunction with internet library resources. Mrs. Crawford was asked to try to access and share that information with Board members and library patrons.


Holly McAvoy asked that the statistical report of Library activities be revised to be more reader friendly.


Library Week is coming up in April. Library Director Crawford asked the Board to consider allowing staff members to celebrate with a breakfast at the Victorian Manor. Funds would be provided by the Friends of the Library. Consensus of opinion of the Board was to offer approval and encourage Mrs. Crawford to make necessary arrangements and set a date.


Building and Leadership

Holly McAvoy presented the color board for the interior design of the new Library building. The predominant color families are shades and patterns in greens, blues, and tan. The plan is to use existing furniture as much as possible, including some antiques. The carpet colors will vary with predominant charcoal grey, green, and rust colors. If the budget permits, the Board hopes to purchase special chairs and colors for the young adult and children’s areas. Mrs. McAvoy was asked to contact the architect in consideration of the cost of some of the interior finishing materials. Line-item costs of individual pieces of furniture are available to aid in making an informed decision on purchases.    


The Geneseo Foundation has been guaranteed naming rights for the new building due to the amount of money contributed for the construction project. President ZumMallen presented the Board with three possible designs for the sign to be attached to the front of the Library. The Foundation will be asked to make the final choice.


The Board discussed the dedication plaque to be attached to the new building. The approximate size will be 24” X 18”, probably with aluminum letters on a black background. They wondered what information should be included: dates, names of Board members present or past, architect, contractors. No final decision was made on this matter.


New Business

The sign showing that the current Library building is listed for sale will be posted shortly. There has been some interest expressed in the purchase of this building, but no firm offers have been received.


Holly McAvoy, representing the Personnel Committee, made a motion to approve a 2% pay raise for Library Director Crawford, retroactive to January 1, 2011. Jeanne Brucher seconded that motion and in roll call vote all members present approved the motion.


The meeting currently scheduled for March 14, 2011 will not work as both the President and the Vice-President of the Library Board will not be able to attend. That meeting was rescheduled for Tuesday, March 22, at 6:30 in the Hammond Room.


Adjournment With no further business before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 8:15.

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