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July 2009 Board Minutes

Geneseo Public Library District
Board Meeting
July 13, 2009 

The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library District met in regular session in the Hammond Room of the Library on July 13, 2009. Vice-President Holly McAvoy called the meeting to order at 6:30 with the following Board members present: Dr. Jan Dyke, Barbara Erdman, Jim Hale, Darline Holland, Dave Johnson, and Holly McAvoy. Gary ZumMallen was absent. Also attending the meeting were Library Director Claire Crawford, Jim Luikart for the Financial Report, Lisa Depies representing the Geneseo Republic, Linda Altermatt as scribe, and Anita Maki and Cathy Stone as concerned citizens.


Citizens Input

There was no immediate comment from citizens present.


Secretary’s Report

There were spelling corrections and a deletion made to the Secretary’s Report for June 8. Barbara Erdman made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. That motion was seconded by Jim Hale and approved by voice vote by the Board. The minutes of June 15 were corrected with information from Dave Johnson regarding finances. Darline Holland made a motion to approve the minutes of June 15 as corrected. That motion was seconded by Dave Johnson and approved by voice vote by the Board.


There was one piece of correspondence from Barbara Miller to be read. It has been copied and included in these minutes.


Financial Report

Jim Luikart presented the Financial Report. He pointed out that this report includes the year-end summary of cash accounts with the end of the Fiscal Year at June 30. Anita Maki raised a question regarding the expense of $3100 for accounting services to Miller Farm & Business and Mr. Luikart explained that the monthly fee was $800. The initial fee of $1500 for setting up the account was refunded to the Library in the form of a donation to the Building Fund. Following a brief discussion of other end-of-the-year expenses, Dr. Dyke made a motion to approve the Financial Report and Bills Paid Prior to the Meeting. Jim Hale seconded that motion and in roll call vote all members present approved the motion.


Building and Leadership

Holly McAvoy presented the report for the Building and Leadership Committees. There was a good turn out for the meeting held the week prior with many new plans for fund raising. The plan is to create one marketing activity each month from the present through Christmas. The architect has sent on exterior views of the new building that may be used in fund raising, but there is still a need for a design for the interior.

Barbara Erdman and Gary ZumMallen met with attorney John Bean to coordinate with the City. Mr. Bean suggested that City approval of all changes in the building plan, including site restrictions and building orientation, should be in writing so as to avoid further complications, particularly since the plan is to expand the building as funds come available.


Currently a proposed contract with Alan Armbrust is in the works. The Board would like to have a local construction supervisor with oversight of the project rather than have to pay for transportation costs from the Chicago area for the architect.


Librarian’s Report

Library Director Claire Crawford presented the Librarian’s Report. She read aloud the Prevailing Wage Rate Ordinance as required by law. The Ordinance will be published in the Geneseo Republic and made available at the Library for viewing by the public. After a brief discussion, Darline Holland made a motion to approve the Ordinance. Barbara Erdman seconded that motion and in roll call vote all members present approved. Darline Holland will sign the ordinance within the week and it will be sent on to the County Courthouse to be recorded there.


Additionally, Mrs. Crawford presented information regarding the Levy for Building and Maintenance. State law requires that the Library Board vote annually on a request for funding in the amount of .02% for building and maintenance. These monies are allocated separately from other tax revenue that provides funding for libraries. The petition for these funds must be filed before August 16, 2009. Barbara Erdman made a motion to adopt the levy for maintenance tax. Darline Holland seconded that motion and in roll call vote all members present approved the motion.


The Tentative Budget for the fiscal year, July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 will be posted at the Library for members of the public to review for thirty days. At the end of that thirty day period, there will be a public hearing or presentation of the Budget. Any citizen may attend and voice opinion regarding the budget. After that the Board may amend or approve the tentative budget. After it is approved the budget will be signed by Darline Holland, published in the local paper, and carried to the courthouse to be filed. This will require that the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board for August will be moved to August 17 at 6:30 PM. Dave Johnson presented Board members with a copy of the Tentative Budget for their consideration. After some discussion and a few small corrections, Dave Johnson made a motion to proceed with the plan for the Public Hearing of the Tentative Budget as presented on August 17. That motion was seconded by Jim Hale and approved by all Board members present in a roll call vote.


Library Director Crawford notified the Board of her intent to close the parking lot just south of the Library from 9AM to 1PM for an end of the year party for the children on July 23. Special assistance will be available for library patrons who are handicapped.


Unfinished Business

Regarding the replacement of the Library roof, Mrs. Crawford reported that she had received no sealed bids. Two local companies, Rutherford Roofing and HSG Construction, expressed an interest in doing the work, but they asked for more information regarding the job. Both firms asked that the Board specify the type of shingle to be used. After some discussion, Board members agreed that they preferred 25-year, three-tab shingles. They also specified that the company would need to comply with the Prevailing Wage Rate and would need to be licensed and insured. Board members hope that it will not be necessary to close the Library during the work. It was suggested that one set of doors could be closed to route the public away from construction areas.


Holly McAvoy asked about the delay in completing the bonding insurance application. That was waiting for her signature.


New Business

Library Director Crawford requested that the Board consider the acquisition of a new service, available through PALS to allow patrons to download books to MP3 players. Dr. Dyke suggested that Mrs. Crawford survey other libraries in our area to see if the amount of use by patrons would warrant the cost of acquiring the service. Holly McAvoy suggested that the cost be compared with the cost of acquiring more books on CD. It was agreed by Board members that the investment of $4200 in this service is not warranted at this time. The matter may be reconsidered in a few months.



With no further business before the Board, Jim Hale made a motion to adjourn. The next regular meeting of the Board will be at 6:30PM on August 17, 2009 in the Hammond Room of the Library. The Board adjourned at 8:25PM.

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