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July 2015 Board Minutes

Geneseo Public Library District
Board of Trustees Meeting
July 13, 2015

The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library met in regular session in Foundation Room B at the library on Monday, July 13, 2015.  President Bill Menendez called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.    Board members in attendance were Chris Bergren, Mary Farrell, Dave Johnson, Holly McAvoy and Ray Rogers.  Susan Philhower was absent.


Trustee Resignation
A letter of resignation from Susan Philhower had been presented to President Bill Menendez.  Ray moved to accept her resignation, Mary seconded and by voice vote, all voted “yes.”

Citizen’s Input
Craig Patterson was present to observe; Brant Betcher was present to answer technology questions.

Secretary’s Report
Mary moved that the minutes from the June meeting be accepted; Ray seconded the motion and it passed by voice vote.  

Financial Report
Chris moved to accept the Tentative Budget and Appropriation Ordinance and Ray seconded the motion.  The motion passed with all present voting “yes.” The budget will be available for the public to review at the library for a month.  Chris made a motion that the bills, along with additional bill that Jim mentioned, be paid; Dave seconded the motion and it passed by roll call vote.  All members in attendance voted “yes.”  Holly moved that the financial report be accepted; Chris seconded the motion and it passed by roll call vote, all members in attendance voted “yes.” 

Special Reserve Fund – Jim said that funds from the General Fund were transferred to the Special Reserve Fund last year, so it’s not necessary to do so this year. 

It was requested that the petty cash on the financial report be printed in bold type.  Jim was asked if he could get the monthly financials to the library by noon on the Friday prior to a board meeting.  He indicated that it would be very difficult for him, but offered to have them ready by the Saturday morning prior to a meeting.  This was agreeable with the board.  The packets will then be ready for pick up by noon on Saturday.

Library Director’s Report
Please refer to Claire’s written report.  The STEM program that she was accepted to attend was limited to a very small group:  there were only three teachers and one library director (Claire). There were 25 applicants. She learned that if an emergency arises before a board meeting, the item can be added to the agenda.

Old Business
Donors – those not listed on the wall plaque are to be listed in a book.  The original donor book from the previous library is full.  It is made of metal, and a new one costs $3500, and each page is $500.  The Board decided to hire local artist Sharon Michaelson to list the donors in calligraphy.  Once that book is done, a stand will be ordered for it.

Technology – Brant answered questions as to why he felt the Dell Updater was necessary.  It takes him about three weeks to update the 40 computers in the library; with the Updater, it would take three days. Claire had spoken with Dell and gotten a $10,000 grant, allowing the library to get this program for a significantly lower cost.  Chris made a motion to purchase the Updater after both Brant and Claire recommended it.  Ray seconded the motion and the motion failed:  “yes” votes:  Chris, Ray.  “No” votes:  Mary, Dave, Holly and Bill.  Claire was asked to contact ALA, ILA and some other similarly-sized libraries to see how their technology needs are met; possibly hiring a full-time IT person is what is needed.  The small libraries use the RAILS IT person at the rate of $100/hour plus mileage.

Brant reported that the roof is still leaking and that there is a section of concrete crumbling near a column.  Claire responded later that Rich Betcher will replace all the stained ceiling tiles and Steve Zell has promised to work with us on the crumbling concrete.  Because there is no person designated to check on the maintenance/condition of the building, Dave suggested contacting Gene Stees to see if he would act in such a capacity.

Personnel Policy – Mary reworked the Personnel Policy and the board will get copies to review.  This will be put on next month’s agenda for a vote.  The Library Policy Manual has been separated and will be voted on also.

LED Lights – Dave has only received one total bid for the replacement of all lights.  Weisser Electric and Wright Electric are working on their bids; Diericx Electric has not responded.  It was emphasized that all companies must be licensed, bonded, insured and pay prevailing wage.

Insurance – Dave reiterated that no change to insurance coverage for Trustees has been made.


New Business
Replacement of Trustee – Craig Patterson was suggested to fill Ms. Philhower’s remaining term.  He had served on the Library Board in the past and several board members personally know him.  Ray made a motion that Craig Patterson be appointed to fill the board vacancy; Chris seconded the motion and all present voted “yes” except for Holly McAvoy, who voted “no.”

Fiber Optic Connection -  the Geneseo Telephone Company has been very generous in giving us this grant for better Internet connection.

Copier – Claire explained the need for a second copying machine.  She researched the cost of purchasing a refurbished Cannon ImageRunner Advance C5030 for the cost of $3500.  She also priced a similar new model and it was considerably more money.  Claire’s recommendation was to buy the refurbished one.  The board accepted her recommendation; however because it is under $5,000 she does not need board approval.

Gift Memorial Money – included in Claire’s report.

Minutes /Executive Session Minutes – a  statement testifying that the secretary’s minutes and other records for the past year have been examined and were found to be in order for the fiscal year of July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 was presented.  This is necessary for the Per Capita Grant.  Ray moved to accept this statement; Chris seconded the motion and it passed by voice vote, all members voting “yes.” It was signed by the vice-president and treasurer.  A statement testifying that the minutes to the past executive sessions for the fiscal year of July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 are to be sealed was also presented as a requirement for the Per Capita Grant.  Mary moved to accept the statement, Ray seconded the motion and it passed by voice vote, all members present voting “yes.”  It was signed by the vice-president and treasurer. 

Board Training for Open Meeting Act and Freedom of Info – a handout with the web address for Trustees to access was included in the board packets.

Laura’s Retirement – Claire asked for permission to honor Laura with a $100 Chamber of Commerce gift certificate for her years of service. The $100 will not come from public funds; rather it will be taken from the sale of books and magazines that is ongoing. 

Addition to Next Month’s Agenda – Holly asked that the Dissolution of Technology Team be added to the agenda and discussed. As discussed at the Personnel Committee Meeting, all future items to be added to the agenda must be approved by the president.  Items are to be sent to Claire and Bill will approve the agenda. 

Upcoming changes – Dave reiterated that he is working to realize about $2,000 in savings in changing natural gas providers.  He also suggested that the $6,000-per-year with Johnson Controls for a once-a-month inspection could be done cheaper by another provider.  He is looking into this.

Change of Date – Due to other commitments of several board members, in order to have a quorum, the meeting will be held on August 17, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

Adjournment – With no further matters before the board, at 8:49 p.m. Mary moved to adjourn; Ray seconded the motion and the meeting was dismissed.


Respectfully submitted,
Kathi Fluck

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