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June 2011 Board Minutes

Board of Trustees Meeting
June 13, 2011

The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library District met in regular session in the Hammond Room of the Library on Monday, June 13, 2011. President Gary ZumMallen called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Board members in attendance included Dr. Jan Dyke, Barbara Erdman, Mary Farrell, Darline Holland, Dave Johnson, and Gary ZumMallen. Holly McAvoy arrived a few minutes late. Also attending the meeting were Library Director Claire Crawford, staff member Deb Wyffels, and Linda Altermatt, scribe.


There were two changes to the Agenda with the addition of a discussion of the dedication plaque for the new building and an executive session for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter.


Citizen’s Input

There was no comment from the citizens present.


Secretary’s Report

The Library Board considered the minutes of May 9. Mary Farrell requested further detail to the minutes on page three, paragraph 4 in regard to the charge for lawn care. In clarifying the statement, Dave Johnson said that the flat charge of $20.00 for coming to the library would apply only to those occasions when the work required takes less than one hour to complete. It is not a charge applied for each trip to the library grounds. Additionally, there was a question about the significant increase in the cost of unemployment insurance as noted in the April minutes. Dave Johnson reported that he had made an inquiry by phone, but as yet he had not received a response. Dave Johnson then made a motion to approve the minutes as amended. Dr. Dyke seconded that motion and in voice vote all members present approved.

There were several pieces of correspondence to be read. Paula Vermost sent several letters of thanks to Library Director Claire Crawford from her first grade class, which toured the Library earlier this summer. Clarence Hensen, who is one of the volunteers for the AARP tax-aide program, sent a letter of thanks for the expression of concern over his recent illness. The Library Staff sent a letter of thanks for the Board’s acknowledgement of Library Week with a Staff Breakfast.


Financial Report

Jim Luikart dropped off the financial information with Dave Johnson before the meeting began. Mr. Johnson made the report to the Board. He pointed out that two CD’s currently held at Central Bank in the amounts of $250,000 and $500,000 will be cashed at their maturation date on June 17 to be used in paying for the construction of the new building. The Library has received $13,378.45 in per capita grant money. Gary ZumMallen raised a question in regard to a charge of $484.36 from Geneseo utilities. Mr. Johnson said he would ask what the charge referred to. Check #17284 issued to UPSTART was in payment for “scratch and sniff” bookmarks handed out to children in the Library. There were two monthly bills for the Geneseo Telephone Company as a result of the juxtaposition of their billing cycle and the Board meetings that approve payment. In order to avoid late fees, it is sometimes necessary to pay both bills in a single billing cycle. With no further questions on the Financial Report, Darline Holland made a motion to approve the Financial Report and presentation of bills to be paid. Dave Johnson seconded that motion and in roll call vote, all members approved the motion.


The Board has received bill #8 from contractors working on the new building in the amount of $235,205.97. This bill has been approved and certified by the architect. Holly McAvoy made a motion to pay the bill. That motion was seconded by Barbara Erdman, and in roll call vote all members approved the motion. Dr. Jan Dyke asked about how many more bills would be forthcoming. It was agreed that the amount still due to be paid by completion of the project was over $1,000,000, but it is impossible to tell how many separate bills will be presented to that end.


Dave Johnson then called the Board’s attention to the Tentative Budget as presented by the Finance Committee. The Committee is made up of Dave Johnson, Darline Holland, Gary ZumMallen, Library Director Claire Crawford, and the new member, Mary Farrell. The tentative budget proposal for 2012 was developed in committee and presented for the Board’s consideration. Although it was difficult to fully anticipate the expenses of moving into the new building and possible upkeep on both the new building and the current Library, an effort has been made to provide sufficient flexibility for all options. Notice of the Tentative Budget must be published in the local paper and the Tentative Budget itself must be held at the circulation desk for public review for a total of 30 days before the Budget Hearing to be held this year on August 8. Mary Farrell made a motion to approve Tentative Budget #061311. Holly McAvoy seconded that motion and in roll call vote, all Board members approved.


 Additionally, there is a new legal requirement that notice of the Building and Maintenance Tax Levy must be published in the local newspaper. Board members agreed to comply with that requirement, but hope to avoid any appearance of a new taxation request by adding a word of explanation. Barbara Erdman made a motion to accept the request for the Building and Maintenance Tax Levy. Holly McAvoy seconded that motion and in roll call vote all members present approved the motion.


The Prevailing Wage notice was considered by the Board. The approval of this Ordinance #061311-1 is required of all public entities to ensure that laborers, mechanics, and other workers engaged in the construction of public works must be paid the prevailing rate of wages in this locality. Mary Farrell made a motion to approve the Ordinance as presented. Holly McAvoy seconded that motion and in roll call vote all members present approved the motion. Darline Holland signed as Secretary of the Board of Trustees, and the Ordinance will be published in the local paper as required by law.


Librarian’s Report

Library Director Claire Crawford presented the Librarian’s Report. She has been in touch with other libraries in the area to gain information regarding the actual moving process necessary to relocate into the new building. Several firms have been recommended; three have been contacted to submit bids for this process. Estimates will be formed up shortly as the firms complete the process of visiting the Library and analyzing their work. Mary Farrell suggested that a more aggressive “weeding process” needs to be engaged to eliminate outdated books before they are moved. Dr. Dyke expressed concern that some classics might be eliminated in this process. He asked what the criteria would be for removing books from the shelf. Deb Wyffel volunteered that the people who do acquisitions also do the weeding. It is a very selective process, which results in a reserve of classic books. Library Director Crawford assured him that selective elimination would not result in a depreciation of the Library’s collection of materials. Mrs. Crawford and Deb Wyffel informed the Board that the “weeding” is well underway. That process should be completed in the month of August. Additionally, the Library receives donated books from the general public at a rate of up to 200 books a day. The Board’s consensus of opinions was that a moratorium on receiving donations should be declared, effective immediately, until such time as the Library has been relocated. Books and magazines weeded from the shelves will continue to be made available for sale to the public to aid in reducing the amount that must be moved.


The Summer program for the children will run until July 30. Mrs. Pierce has been doing a wonderful job with the children and their families. While that has been very popular, the Board agreed that it will be necessary to put a hold on children and adult programming while the Library is readied for the move. A decision must be made for the art displays in the conference room as well. A question was raised regarding the furnishings and equipment that should be included in the move. Holly McAvoy pointed out that the floor plan presented from Paragon includes assigned places for all material to be moved. If it isn’t designated on the floor plan, it isn’t intended to be in the new Library. Library Director Crawford agreed to contact Dana from Paragon for guidance. Some of the furnishings currently being used in the Library may need some professional attention for refinishing or reupholstering. It is hopeful that the work can be done in the interim and delivered to the new building after the move.


The question of the security system for the new building was taken to the architect. That was included in the bid for construction and does not need to be revisited.


The Board was asked to approve a non-resident fee of $100 to be retroactive to April of 2011. Although the Library does not currently have any non-resident patrons, in the past some families not included within the boundaries of any library district have asked to use the Geneseo library services. Establishing this fee sets the policy for future inquiries. Dr. Dyke made a motion to approve the non-resident fee. Barbara Erdman seconded that motion and in roll call vote all members approved the motion.


The new inter-library loan system shared by the larger libraries in the Quad Cities has been named “River Share”. Books from that system will be available to the patrons of the Geneseo Library in a secondary search process.


Library Director Crawford continues to search for grant funds that may be available to the Library as we enter the next phase of the building and moving process. The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend has notified her of the possibility of matching funding through the Hubbell/Waterman Fund. Additionally, the Library hopes to resolve the question of funds from the Charles G. Davis Trust on July 12, 2011.


Building and Leadership

Holly McAvoy presented information from Building and Leadership. A plan has been developed to allow the public to donate funds toward acquisition of specific items for the new Library. Rather than make public the actual amount spent for each item, she suggested that a given value could be assigned, such as “Adopt a shelf” for $100 or an entire shelving system for $500. Some large donations already in may result in naming areas, such as Meeting Room A or Meeting Room B or perhaps the Genealogy Room. The Children’s Area could be named or adopted by a single family with a sufficiently significant donation. It was suggested that the Library consider another full-page ad to express thanks for donations and to ask that patrons notify the Library if someone has been overlooked. Holly will call the Geneseo Republic’s editor to make arrangements.


Gary ZumMallen stated that the architect has made a detailed landscaping plan available so that patrons may consider donating or “adopting” specific trees to be planted according to the plan with a specific value attached to certain plantings. We plan to use only those trees or plantings specified in the plan. There will not be rocks or plaques on each tree. Instead, there will be a donor plaque in the entryway recognition area. Holly McAvoy was concerned that the substantial line of trees designated to be planted near the sidewalk may obscure the view of the building from the street. Other Board members suggested that the plantings would eventually give a park-like setting to the Library.


The areas around the entryway and circle drive will be sodded, and those areas further away from the building itself will be turned into a “Prairie Garden” with naturalized plantings. The sidewalk parallel to Chicago Street has been established and helps to give the detention pond a more “resolved” or modified appearance.


The Board’s consensus was that Holly’s “gifting plan” would present a very usable, donor friendly approach to encouraging the public to share in the full enjoyment of this wonderful new addition to the community.


Dave Johnson raised a question regarding the appearance of the southern end of the new building. There is an area at the top gable end that is white in color, while the architect’s drawing did not indicate any white siding. Additionally, there are white vertical and horizontal lines delineating large areas on the red siding. The Board members were not pleased with the general appearance of this change to the architect’s plan. Gary ZumMallen was asked to email Alan to ask if it could be changed. 


Unfinished Business

The Board revisited the question of the dedication plaque for the new building. Gary ZumMallen presented photos of the plaques at the Central Bank and at the Middle School. He suggested that there should be an inclusion of the architect, the general contractor, and the members of the current Board. Once again, there was discussion about including the names of past Board members. However, this presents the possibility of accidentally leaving someone out who ought to have been included. The cost of the plaque itself was a consideration. At the Moline Library and the Geneseo pool there are multi-color plastic plaques that are attractive and less costly than metal. Some members felt that a “Giving Book” for public display, listing those names of people who donated to the Library in smaller monetary amounts, would be appropriate. Mr. ZumMallen asked Board members to consider those alternatives for a final decision at a later date.


New Business

The members of the Board were provided with an analysis of the current hardware and software used in the Library at the present time as well as the proposal for changes to update the system for the move to the new building as developed by the new IT working for the Library, Brant Betcher. The Board was asked to take the information home. It will be considered at the next Board meeting.


Executive Session

At 9:30 the Board moved to Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter.

Regular Session

At 10:00 the Board returned to Regular Session. No action was taken.



At 10:01 Darline Holland made a motion to adjourn. The next regular meeting of the Board will be in the Hammond Room of the Library on Monday, July 11 at 6:30 PM.

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