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June 2013 Board Minutes

Geneseo Public Library District
Board of Trustees Meeting
June 19, 2013

The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library met in regular session in Foundation Room B at the library on Wednesday, June 19, 2013.  President Gary ZumMallen called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.  Board members in attendance were Mary Farrell, Dave Johnson, Holly McAvoy, Bill Menendez, Susan Philhower and Gary ZumMallen.  Claire Crawford was in Springfield attending a workshop;  Deb Wyffels filled in for her.

Secretary’s Report

Susan made a motion to accept the May 13, 2013 minutes; Bill seconded the motion and it passed. A thank you note from retiree Janet DeGerengel was read aloud. 


Financial Report

Jim Luikart reported that three grants that we were not expecting had come in during the last two weeks.  Claire had worked hard on the Commerce and Economic Opportunity grant for $16, 108 for our energy efficient building.  The others were a technology grant for $5,000 and one for $15,000.  Jim suggested that since the library’s fiscal year end is two weeks away that it’s too late to try to spend it by then; he will call attorney Phil Lenzini to verify that it is possible to hold them over to the next fiscal year.  Sue made a motion to pay the bills and accept the financial report; Bill seconded the motion and it passed by roll call vote. There will be a financial budget meeting at Miller Farms with Jim Luikart on June 27th at 9:00 a.m. to go over a preliminary budget for next fiscal year. It is an open meeting and Claire will post a notice to this effect.


The levy ordinance for Building and Maintenance Tax was discussed.  Susan moved that the Board approve and publish this tax; Bill seconded the motion and it passed by roll call vote.


The Prevailing Wage ordinance was discussed.  Mary moved that it be passed; Dave seconded the motion and it passed by roll call vote.


Board members reviewed the Intergovernmental Agreement proposed by the City of Geneseo with regard to the construction of a right turn lane for the proposed housing development by Mel Foster.  Attorney John Bean joined the meeting briefly to answer any questions Board members had.  There was much discussion about the impact of this agreement.  Holly made a motion for the Library to pass this agreement; Bill seconded the motion and it passed with one “no” vote.


Library Director’s Report

Please refer to the written report; however, because Claire was unable to be in attendance, several of the issues presented in her report were only briefly discussed. The Board will ask her for details at the next meeting.   


The need for software to replace PC Cop and how its absence has affected the staff was brought up.  Brant’s Technology Report and the need for his job description were discussed at length. Gary will speak with Claire about defining Brant’s job description, and it was suggested that it might be good to have a board member to assist her in this matter.  Holly made a motion for Brant to purchase 6 computers now.  Susan seconded the motion and it passed.


The bond renewal issue was addressed.  There were questions that could not be answered, so Dave will contact Brad Toone at Hanford Insurance to get more detailed information on the terms and what the cost of increasing it would be. 


Unfinished Business

Susan asked to be given a calendar of events and when certain deadlines are. Dave mentioned that the Henry County Soil Conservation group might be a good reference for when new trees are planted this fall.  Gary mentioned that he had requested that Alan provide a plan for landscaping along with the plan for the new parking lot.  Lighting restrictions and regulations will also be addressed by Alan.


New Business

Susan asked for a bulleted list of talking points on items to be addressed by the Board with regard to the new parking lot such as: berm, sidewalk, tree placement, start date, end date.   She would like the policy manual to be reviewed possibly once a year for any corrections and/or revisions to be made. As it is now a revision is made and noted at the bottom of the page. The last revision was about three years ago.



With no further business before the board, Susan moved to adjourn. Dave seconded the motion and in voice vote, all approved.  The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m. The next regular meeting will be on Monday, July 8, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathi Fluck, Scribe

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