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March 2011 Board Mintues

Geneseo Public Library District
Board of Trustees Meeting
March 22, 2011

The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library District met in regular session in the Hammond Room of the Library on Tuesday, March 22, 2011. President Gary ZumMallen called the meeting to order at 6:30. Board members in attendance included Jeanne Brucher, Barbara Erdman, Darline Holland, Dave Johnson, and Gary ZumMallen. Dr. Jan Dyke and Holly McAvoy were absent. Also attending the meeting were Library Director Claire Crawford, Jim Luikart, who turned in the Financial Report, and Linda Altermatt as scribe.


Citizen’s Input

Life Scout Jordan Price and his father attended the meeting with the purpose of proposing a service project to support the new library building and satisfy the requirements for advancement to Eagle Scout with Troop 100. Jordan suggested that he would like to collect books from the public to be sold in the Library over the summer, possibly on the same weekend as the promotion for Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Additionally he hopes to use some of the funds to construct or see to the construction of a memorial bench to be installed at the site of the new library. During a brief discussion, the Board agreed that this would be a project that they could wholeheartedly support and encourage. After the project has been presented for approval to the Scouting officials, Jordan will be in touch with Library Director Claire Crawford with future updates.


Secretary’s Report

President ZumMallen then called the Board’s attention to the minutes of the meeting on February 14. There was one correction made in paragraph two of the Librarian’s Report. Darline Holland made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. Barbara Erdman seconded that motion and in voice vote, all present approved the motion.

Copies of the correspondence were distributed to Board members, but the correspondence was not read aloud.


Financial Report

The Financial Report was presented by Dave Johnson and Jim Luikart. The Board was assured that sufficient cash reserves are on hand to meet the needs for the construction in process. Expenses for the month were routine, although it was noted that the Unemployment Insurance costs were running above the amount budgeted. Jim Luikart agreed to check on that and report back to the Board. Monthly expenses for the Library average a little more than $30,000 and so far, there is no concern on having enough money to finish out the fiscal year.


The Board has received several requests for payment on the construction project. There have been checks issued to pay #1, #2, and #3. Recently the Library received a request to pay #5, but #4 appears to be absent. The architect, Alan Armbrust, must approve work completed before the payment request is sent to the Board. He has been asked to check into the missing payment request. The Board must vote approval of payment for each request. Therefore, Jeanne Brucher made a motion to approve the Financial Report and Bills to be paid as presented. That motion was seconded by Dave Johnson and in a roll call vote all members present approved the motion.

Dave Johnson made a motion to approve the payment of request #5 in the amount of $117,461. That motion was seconded by Jeanne Brucher and in roll call vote all members present approved the motion. Jeanne Brucher then made a motion to approve the payment of request #4 if it is received before the next regular Board meeting so long as it is not in excess of $200,000 plus the costs for escrow and legal fees, and authorizing Dave Johnson and Gary ZumMallen to proceed with that payment. That motion was seconded by Barbara Erdman, and in roll call vote all Board members present approved.

The Board agreed through consensus that they would prefer to avoid cashing Certificates of Deposit as long as possible in providing funds for these checks. Jim Luikart and Dave Johnson will determine what accounts will be used. They agreed that the Special Reserve Fund should not be drawn below $100,000 so that it will be available to cover emergency expenses.

Gary ZumMallen announced that Alan Armbrust hopes to take the members of the Board for a tour of the new building after the roof has been completed and the concrete floor is poured.

Jim Luikart left the building at 7PM at the conclusion of the Financial Report.


Librarian’s Report

Library Director Claire Crawford presented the Librarian’s Report. The Library is signed up to participate in Birdies for Charity and the pledge cards for that fundraiser will be handed out as bookmarks during Library Week.

Mrs. Crawford asked the Board to make a decision in regard to the larger library system to be used for access to and delivery of books from other libraries. When the Illinois state budget cuts were made, the larger Prairie Area Library System was impacted. Training classes were cut, but the Per Capita Grant process and book delivery between libraries continued to be funded. The libraries reorganized under the new Prairie Cat system. However, the “Big Four” libraries in our area: Bettendorf, Davenport, Rock Island, and Moline, felt they could operate a comparable system among themselves at a lower cost by reviving the old Quad-Link concept. Their plan is to use the Polaris system for catalog access rather than the Sirsi system used by Prairie Cat. They have invited other smaller libraries in the surrounding area to join their system. After a great deal of discussion, the Board agreed by consensus that they were adequately served by the Prairie Cat system and would prefer to continue the Library membership there. The proposed system is unproven and may be unnecessary if the state funding continues to support the current library system. The Board did reserve the option of joining the new system at some future point in time.

Library Director Crawford asked if the Board had considered plans for the physical move to the new Library building in the fall. President ZumMallen had several suggestions and contact information that was shared with Mrs. Crawford. It is hoped that the move can be accomplished with minimal expense and confusion.

The office furniture that the State of Illinois has had in storage as a result of closed offices has been auctioned off and is no longer available. However, the Deere Corporation may be able to contribute some pieces of office furniture for the new building.

The audio books that Library has obtained are more popular with adults than with the children who are patrons. This summer, the Library should be able to initiate a connection with a program of e-books that will be available for use with any reader except the Kindle.

The Library has submitted a detailed plan for hard wiring for computers in the new building to the architect. The Board will wait for Mr. Armbrust’s analysis of its suitability.


Unfinished Business

President ZumMallen reported that after contacting the Geneseo Foundation regarding possible names for the new library building, he was pleased that the decision of their Board has been to retain the current Library name as is. They have asked to attach the Geneseo Foundation name to one of the rooms in the new Library Building.


New Business

Dave Johnson proposed that the Board should consider putting out a request for bids for the maintenance of the ground care and snow removal as a package instead of hiring multiple people to take care of different aspects of the grounds and parking area.  He suggested that an ad requesting bids should be placed in the local paper with specifications on mowing, trimming the shrubs, removing snow and applying de-icer. The Board agreed this was worth looking into as a way to simplify the billing process and possibly save money.

There have been no serious offers to purchase the existing Library Building. The economic downswing that brought in lower bids than expected on the construction of the new building has also impacted the marketing of the current property. It may be marketed to more than one single business.



With no further business before the Board, Darline Holland made a motion to adjourn. Dave Johnson seconded that motion and all were in favor. The meeting adjourned at 7:45. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 11 at 6:30 in the Hammond Room of the Library.  

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