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March 2014 Board Minutes

Geneseo Public Library District
Board of Trustees Meeting
March 10, 2014

The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library met in regular session in Foundation Room B at the library on Monday, March 10, 2014.   The February 17 meeting was cancelled due to severe winter weather.  President Gary ZumMallen called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.  Board members in attendance were Jan Dyke, Dave Johnson, Holly McAvoy, Bill Menendez and Susan Philhower.  Mary Farrell attended the meeting via Skype.
Citizen’s Input
No citizens were present.
Secretary’s Report
A minor correction was made to the January 13, 2014 report.  Bill made a motion that the amended minutes be accepted; Dave seconded the motion and it passed by voice vote. Correspondence from former Geneseo resident Tim Johnson was read. It was accompanied by a Dr. Seuss book. 
Jan stated that he is pleased to follow Darline Holland as Secretary for the Board and wanted the following portions of the By Laws and additional documents be put on record:
Article III:  Officers    The Secretary shall keep and maintain complete records that will include therein the minutes of all meetings, the names of those in attendance, the discussions and all motions made.  All records shall be kept on file in the Library.
Article VII:  Records     All records and accounts of the Geneseo Public Library District shall be kept in the Business Office of the Library and in the custody of the Library Director.  All such records and accounts, with the exception of personnel files and minutes of closed meetings shall be open to the public at all reasonable times.  None of these records shall be removed from the Library except for microfilming.
-Leave the actual management of the Library to the Library Director.  It is the Librarian’s responsibility to select books, employ the staff and supervise day-to-day operations.
-After a policy or rule is adopted by the majority vote of the Library Board, do not criticize or re-voice your opposition publicly.
-Respect confidential information.
-Observe any publicity and information policies of the Board and Library.  Refer requests for information to the Librarians or appropriate representative to interpret policies.
-Treat staff members and Librarians in an objective manner. Under no circumstances listen to grievances of staff members or treat individual problems on your own.  The Librarian is in charge of the staff and has administrative control up to the point where a grievance is presented to the Library Board as a whole.
-All rules and policies directed to the Librarian must be approved by a quorum of the Board at a regular meeting.  Even the president should abide  by this rule.
-Administrative Librarians serve as resources and should attend all Board meetings.
-Complaints from the public are the Librarians’ responsibility. Continued dissatisfaction and problems should be taken up at the Board meeting only if the policy revision is necessary or legal ramifications are involved.
-Assume your full responsibility as a Board Member. If you are unable to attend meetings regularly and complete work delegated to you, resign so that an active member can be appointed.
As a library trustee I shall observe ethical standards with absolute truth, integrity and honor.
I shall represent all citizens honestly and equally and refuse to surrender my responsibilities to special interest or partisan political groups.
I shall avoid any conflict of interest or any appearance of impropriety, which could result from my position, nor shall I use my Board membership for personal gain or publicity.
I shall recognize that a board member has no legal authority as an individual and that decisions can be made only by a majority vote at an open board meeting.
I shall abide by the majority decision of the board even if I personally disagree and shall take no public or private action that might compromise the Board or Administration.
I shall at all times respect the confidentiality of privileged information.
I shall support the library’s materials selection policy to the fullest and the Librarians’ efforts to resist censorship of library materials by groups or individuals.
I shall be involved and knowledgeable about not only local library concerns, but also about state and national issues.
I shall be aware of the state laws favoring libraries.
As a trustee who has accepted library board responsibilities, I shall endeavor to perform all the functions expected of and implicit in that position.
Financial Report  
Because the Board did not meet last month, Trustees were sent emails of the bills to be paid. Jan made a motion to ratify the January bills.  Dave seconded the motion and it passed unanimously by roll call vote.  This was done in accordance with instructions from the Library Attorney Phil Lenzini to ensure last month’s payments were approved by the Board.
Accountant Jim Luikart reviewed a list of grants, memorials, gifts and monies from trusts received this year.  The option to replenish monies to the trusts borrowed from to build the new library was briefly discussed and was tabled; it will be discussed next month.
Dave noted that the cost for snow removal has skyrocketed this year versus last year due to the unusually large snowfall.  The cost of public notices is higher this year due to promoting programs.  This was discussed and determined that some of the money in this category should be moved to the advertizing account.
Bill moved to accept the Financial Report and Holly seconded the motion. It passed unanimously by roll call vote.  Dave made a motion to pay the bills and Bill seconded the motion. This passed unanimously by roll call vote.
Library Director’s Report   Please refer to the written report.  Earlier this year there was a suggestion to hold a recycling day at the library.  Claire spoke with Clint Rice and was told the library parking lot is not sufficient to do this; there needs to be a separate entry and exit.  Instead, he suggested the library sponsor one along with Central Bank and the City.  The library will sponsor its portion of the $2,000 cost with a $500 donation.
A proposed policy regarding pictures being taken for publicity at a library event was presented. This is done at other libraries.  It was suggested that the policy not only be posted but be included in the registration information when patrons sign up.  It was noted that no names will be used. Claire will write up a policy to fit our needs and it will be discussed/voted on next month.
Brant requested some additional technology items for purchase.  Holly reminded the board that any purchases should be included in the Technology Plan.  Claire will discuss this with Brant and review his plan to see if updates are necessary.
Phil Lenzini will discuss Library Law at the Librarian’s meeting in Coal Valley this month.  He states that we are not a 501c3 entity but a 170.  ILA has a policy in which a library signs up and pays an amount to use the ILA 501c3. This needs to be approved by the Board.  Both Phil and our local attorney have warned that signing up for 501c3 status is very costly.
Some retirees who work part-time have been unable to work regularly due to various reasons. There isn’t money in the budget to hire an additional employee.  Claire spoke with a Chicago library that uses “substitutes” when such a case arises.  It works just like the substitute teacher system in the schools—the subs are contacted to work when needed.  There were several applicants; Vicky Bean was the best qualified. She will begin by working a few hours a day to learn the mechanics of the job.  Claire will write up a job description.  Colona Library has expressed an interest in utilizing Vicky also once she is trained. There was some
discussion about advising these workers that if they cannot fulfill their responsibilities to work on a regular basis, they may need to be replaced. 
With regard to the Capital Grant, RAILS requires customer surveys periodically to see how the public perceives the library’s performance.  Claire reported that the results were highly ranked and there were no unacceptable comments.
Old Business  
The trial period for remaining open until 8 p.m. on Friday nights was addressed.  Statistics were presented on the usage since it began in October.  Claire’s recommendation was to stay open until 6 p.m. on Friday nights.  Bill made a motion to return to the previous schedule of closing at 5 p.m. on Fridays.  Jan seconded the motion.  After brief discussion and by roll call vote, this motion was defeated.  Based on the data submitted about Friday night usage, Holly moved that the library stay open until 6 p.m. on Fridays.  Dave seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Alam Armbrust has a commitment from the boiler people to come into the library this week.  With the boiler people and Hometown Plumbing, they should be able to get the settings back to when the library opened and then see what happens.  A response from Precision Builders on the engineering report regarding the roof should be received this week.
New Business  
Several policy drafts were discussed and it was determined that a policy regarding donor recognition needs to be drafted.  It needs to spell out how donors will be recognized; Holly will work on one.   Susan voiced the need for a Purchasing Policy with regard to technology as not only protection for the library but also for Brant.  A policy should be in place for when competitive quotes or bids are necessary.  Claire will network with other libraries for their practices and compare prices purchased through Galaxy with other retailers. Holly briefly described the Technology Plan, stating that it should suit the needs of the public but also must be fiscally responsible, purchasing items on a rotating basis. 
A new policy for room usage in the library was also discussed.  Gary reviewed six different libraries’ policies and found no common denominator. Various factors were considered, such as the usage by tutors, arbitrators, estate planners and other users. The need to state that if the party is making a disturbance in the library, they will be asked to leave should be added.  Claire will check with Phil on these issues.
Verbiage on several policies was reviewed by Susan.  There were some points on the flooding safety policy that needed clarification, so Dave will review his notes.  She also reported on the RAILS meeting that she attended in Burr Ridge.
Holly needs input on the donor plaques.  She favors an acrylic one similar to that in the Moline Library but will do more research on it.
With no further business before the board, Susan moved to adjourn.  Bill seconded the motion and in voice vote, all approved.  The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.  Next month’s meeting will be held on the third Monday, April 21.
  Respectfully submitted,   Kathi Fluck, Scribe

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