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May 2014 Board Minutes

Geneseo Public Library District
Board of Trustees Meeting
May 12, 2014

The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library met in regular session in Foundation Room B at the library on Monday, May 12, 2014.  President Gary ZumMallen called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.  Board members in attendance were Jan Dyke, Mary Farrell, Dave Johnson, Holly McAvoy, Bill Menendez and Susan Philhower.  
Citizen’s Input
No citizens were present.
Secretary’s Report    
Susan made a motion that the minutes from April 21 be accepted; Bill seconded the motion and it passed by voice vote.  A thank you card from the Geneseo Food Pantry was read to the Board.
Financial Report  
It was pointed out that the Per Capita grant money can only be used for programs, DVDs, books and any other media the public can check out. Jim stated that a Visa/Master Card bill came in today and needs to be paid before the next meeting to avoid finance charges. It was agreed that this bill be included in the bills to be paid. Susan moved to accept the Financial Report, Dave seconded the motion and it passed unanimously by roll call vote.  Susan made a motion to pay the bills, Bill seconded the motion and it passed unanimously by roll call vote.
Library Director’s Report  
Claire spoke with Sister Claudia Curtis about our library becoming an Affiliate Library and having access to the Latter Day Saints genealogy collection.  If this were to happen, a patron could order microfilm for $7.50, which covers the postage.  The patron must use the microfilm in the library and has a month to do so or renew it.  The microfilm could also be passed on to another patron.  When the patron is finished with it, the library mails back the microfilm.
The staff have been asked to attend as many technology sessions as they become available through RAILS, Illinois Library Association and Blackhawk College Outreach Center.  The RAILS training can be viewed in Coal Valley and online here. 
We are implementing the program “geek the library.org.”  Everyone has something they are passionate about – something they geek.  Maybe you geek football or hip hop.  Whatever you geek, serious or fun, the public library supports you. 
Kim and Deb are copy catalogers: they find the exact record and attach our items to that database.  They can take additional classes and become original catalogers; this would justify an increase in salary.  Deb took the RAILS classes and received a technology certificate.  Sarah is chairman of CUG (Circulation Users Group) and is great with reporting library statistics.  Claire has been chosen to help with next year’s Reaching Forward South Conference.  She has STEM ideas and the knowledge of excellent speakers and programs.
Old Business  
Roof:  Gary, Alan Armbrust, and Steve from Precision Builders met. Precision Builders will fix the roof and warranty it.  They will bring in a representative from the manufacturer.  The only cost to the Library will be to pay a contractor to be an observer so the liability insurance is covered. The cost will be $300 per day and Steve estimates it may take up to five days.  He wants to start this Friday, but Gary has been unable to find a contractor who is available to act as an observer yet. 
Boiler:  The boiler company inspected the boiler and agreed that there is some discoloration, but stated that it was the result of the unusually cold winter. With the recent adjustments that have been made, it should be fine. Precision Builders asked that whenever Claire or Brant contact a subcontractor about something, they should copy Precision Builders so they are aware of the communication.
Outdoor Light Issue:  Brant can’t change the outdoor lights without special software; it is now on order.
Technology Update:  Sarah Alexander presented multiple reports that were requested by the Board.  She explained the data on the report about the programs offered on our website and made some recommendations as to which programs she thought should be renewed.  Holly asked for a written overview of the database, including usage, costs, etc. for a rolling year. Another report provided monthly statistics on the use of rooms, the amount of children’s programs, the amount of check outs, check ins and holds, and the number of patrons compared to last month.  A request was made for a trend line for circulation stats and patrons to go as far back as possible (July 2012) to see the growth over the past five years.
Policies:  Susan made a motion that the Unattended Child policy be accepted.  Mary seconded the motion. Gary asked for a minor grammatical change, which will be done.  The motion passed.  A modification deleting the directive for staff to search their area for the bomb in the Bomb Threat policy was agreed upon. Susan moved that the amended Bomb Threat policy be accepted and Jan seconded the motion; it passed.  Susan made a motion that the Collections Management and Resource Sharing policy be accepted.  This is in compliance with the Per Capita Grant.  Bill seconded the motion and it passed. The Active Shooter policy needed a minor revision and will be voted on next month.
Mowing:  Ray Wirth spoke with Claire; he is the one who has been mowing the ditch area near the detention pond.  Because Mr. Betcher didn’t have the equipment to do it, it was assumed that the City had been doing it.  Mr. Wirth indicated that he would be happy to continue to mow it since he has the proper equipment, but Gary pointed out that the City has specific requirements for special grasses around the detention pond; they may not want them cut.  He will speak with our attorney about this.
Seeding the berm:  After the parking lot was finished, Steve’s Nursery planted trees per our agreement; however, it was up to the Library to plant grass between the trees.  This was overlooked and will be attended to.
Donor Recognition Displays:  Holly did not have anything new to report; she is continuing to look at different styles.  Sarah distributed a copy of the report from Central Bank on the number of donors and  amounts to better establish groups of donors to be named.  The list needed some clarification as to how donors were named. It was decided that there would have to be phone calls made to the donors that had their names reported in different ways to see which way they want it displayed (i.e. John and Mary Doe, John Doe, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith).  Claire stated that former board members Barb Erdman and Darline Holland had offered to help contact donors. 
Job Description and Training:  Claire provided a list of employees and their functions; however, job titles and descriptions were not complete. She was told once we moved into the new building and the additional parking lot was done, the salaries of the workers should account for 60% of the total budget. This is not a mandate but a suggestion from the Illinois Library Association.  Claire discussed the various training she has completed:  271 hours since she came in 2008.  The staff will engage in monthly training.
Calendar:  Several additions were made to the calendar Susan had prepared.  The library will publish the prevailing wage report in June and also the building and maintenance levy.  This is not a new tax but a publishing requirement.  It can be petitioned by 10% of registered voters.
Susan made a motion to approve the Special Reservation Fund of the Geneseo Public Library be established for the following purposes: acquire land, technology, landscaping, attendance at conferences or meetings, building repairs, equipment, equipment repairs, building additions, legal assistance, to develop new programs, to purchase art sculptures, to purchase furniture or for remodeling.
New Business  
Legal Notices -- it was suggested that in addition to posting information about board meetings, all committee meetings will be posted for the public.
Meeting Access on Webpage --  there was discussion about what content should be available on the webpage with regard to materials for upcoming board meetings.  It was agreed that the agenda for the upcoming meeting be on it, and after the minutes from that month’s meeting have been approved, they will be posted. 
Standards for the Per Capita Grant -- Claire reported about the “1,000 Books before Kindergarten” program, which is a huge hit.  Children can report each 100 books and enter a prize drawing. 
Programs -- Rails will have program on Google Analytics on May 28 in which Sarah will be presenting. If staff members take more classes, they will be more qualified and should get better wages. Claire will check with Deb to see if it is possible to run a report on multiple months on Google Analytics. The
Individual Training Plan should be based on the job and what skills set are required.  The job title, description of duties and responsibilities need to be defined before additional training and/or pay can be done.  Claire will work on this, as this is in regard to being compliant with the Edge Initiative.  The Edge Initiative is a goal for us to reach by 2015, which Claire has already done.  The whole Edge Initiative is a ten-year plan. 
Selection of Materials -- The amount of materials one can check out on one’s library card was discussed.  The limit for the Geneseo Public Library District is 50 items for each card.  This seems to work out just fine.
Voting at the Library -- The Board of Elections would like to use the Library as a polling place for the November 4 or April 7 elections. This would involve using both Foundation Rooms A and B.  In addition, Claire stated the polls open at 5 a.m. and close at 9 p.m. which are not regular hours; but she would be willing to be here at the beginning and at the end to lock up.  Jan made a motion that the Library serve as a polling place for both elections. Susan seconded the motion and it passed by voice vote.  Jan would be honored if he could be an observer. 
Computer Classes and Training at the library -- Dan Horne has been teaching technology classes here.  He has about 10 students per class and our staff members attend.  His presentations are 1/2 hour long, which leaves l/2 hour for questions.  The patrons love it.
Monthly Reports -- Sarah will be available to explain the monthly reports.
The minutes from last month’s Executive Session were presented.  Susan moved that they be accepted; Bill seconded the motion and the motion passed.
Susan complimented Claire on how well she prepares the information necessary for each meeting and challenged the Board to read the materials in the meeting packets prior to the meetings.  They will be sent out by Claire digitally on the Friday prior to the meeting.
With no further business before the board, Susan moved to adjourn.  Holly seconded the motion and in voice vote, all approved.  The meeting adjourned at 9:29 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathi Fluck, Scribe

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