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October 2009 Board Minutes

Geneseo Public Library District
Board of Trustees Meeting
October 12, 2009

The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library District met in regular session in the Hammond Room of the Library on October 12, 2009. President Gary ZumMallen called the meeting to order at 6:30 with the following members present: Dr. Jan Dyke, Barbara Erdman, Jim Hale, Darline Holland, Dave Johnson and Gary ZumMallen. Holly McAvoy was absent. Also attending the meeting were Library Director Claire Crawford, Cindy Collis, and Cathy Stone. Jim Luikart, who presented the financial report,  introduced Laura Lee Miller and Crystal Yost from Miller Financial to the Board. Linda Altermatt acted as scribe.


Citizens’ Input

There was no comment from those citizens who were present.


Secretary’s Report

President ZumMallen called the Board’s attention to the minutes of the meeting of September 14, 2009. Dave Johnson noted a misspelling. Jim Hale made a motion to approve the minutes with the correction of that error; the motion was seconded by Dr. Dyke, and in voice vote all Board members approved the motion. There was no correspondence to be read.     


Financial Report

Following the introduction of Laura Lee Miller, who is the owner and director of operations at Miller Financial, and Crystal Yost, who provides much of the detail work on the Library’s account, Jim Luikart presented the Financial Report. He called the Board’s attention to the continuing fall of interest rates on several of the Library’s accounts. The second portion of levy funds has been deposited in the Illinois Funds account. That money will need to be transferred out in order to avoid forfeiting significant interest income. Dave Johnson will coordinate with Jim Luikart to determine the best action. The confusion regarding the increased telephone expense was traced to the transfer of internet services from Mediacom to the Geneseo Telephone Company. That expense will be reclassified on previous reports to reflect the change that occurred a few weeks ago. Late bills were received from Baker & Taylor and Geneseo Telephone; they will be included in the Bills to be Paid action for the current month. Darline Holland made a motion to transfer $30,000 of the unused funds from the 2009 budget into the Special Reserve Fund. Dr. Jan Dyke seconded that motion and in a roll call vote, the motion was approved. There are bills outstanding from recent repairs to the Library electric system and the sump pump. With no further questions, Dave Johnson made a motion to approve the Financial Report and payment of Bills to be Paid. Jim Hale seconded that motion and in roll call vote the motion was approved.


Librarian’s Report

In accordance with regulations, Darline Holland performed an audit of the Library Board minutes of the past fiscal year. Jim Hale made a motion to approve the action. That motion was seconded by Dave Johnson and in voice vote all approved.


The list of holidays that the Library will be closed for the coming year was presented for the Board’s approval. The Library will now be open on Columbus Day, but will be closed on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The total number of days the Library is closed remains the same. After some discussion, Darline Holland made a motion to accept the list of Library holidays as presented. Barbara Erdman seconded that motion and in voice vote the Board approved.

The list of dates for regularly scheduled Library Board meetings was presented for approval with all meetings scheduled for the second Monday of the month. Dave Johnson made a motion to approve that schedule. The motion was seconded by Jim Hale and in voice vote all approved.


Library Director Crawford presented information concerning the requirements for approval of the Per capita grant funds for 2011. The Library will launch a “Go Green” campaign, coordinated with the Chamber of Commerce, focused on increased recycling of all materials.


The Chamber of Commerce has asked that the Library be open on December 12 from 5 to 9 PM the night of the Geneseo Christmas Walk so that public restrooms will be available. Library Director Crawford suggested that this could be a good public relations experience. Small groups of singers or musicians might provide some entertainment and readers will be recruited to read portions or the entirety of favorite Christmas books. Library Director Crawford has volunteered to supervise the activities of the evening. Holly McAvoy agreed to help. Barbara Erdman pointed out that at least two people will need to be present at all times.


Building and Leadership

Gary ZumMallen stated that the Board needs to approve the architect’s contract for the new library building. This is a standard AIA contract, approved by the Library’s local lawyer, John Bean. It does not include expenses incurred for plans previously considered and discarded by the Board, but is effective for all action from this time forward. The stated fee is 8 ½% of the total cost, but does provide for payment of the civil engineering firm and local supervision of the construction from that fee. Darline Holland made a motion to approve; that was seconded by Jim Hale and in roll call vote, the Board unanimously approved the contract.


The topographical survey has been completed and on November 2 the Community Development Board will consider the Library Board’s appeal for a variance to gain approval of the current plan for construction on the building site. Claire Crawford has been told that the Board should present three reasons for the variance in writing. The Community Development Board has also suggested that the Library ask for bids for alternate building plans in the event that additional money comes available as the building progresses. However, it appears that the architect’s fees for those alternate plans make this a very expensive option.


Alan Armbrust, the Library’s architect, has suggested that the Board consider putting a referendum on the ballot for the first Tuesday in February of 2010, asking for financial support through the issuance of public bonds. The decision to place this on the ballot must be made no later than November of 2009. He suggested that the Library contact Steve Larsen from Naperville, IL for further information on this process. The interest rates are extremely low right now so that it would cost the average homeowner with a property value of $160,000 just $15 a year to provide an additional $1,000,000 in building funds.


Library Director Crawford suggested that the Library could sell fudge provided by Pegasus as a holiday fund raiser. She has envisioned selling half-pound packages with all profits to go to the Building Fund. While the cost would be slightly higher than that fudge purchased at the store, this would be in special packaging with a small knife. Dr. Jan Dyke made a motion to approve the purchase of 50 half-pound packages. That motion was seconded by Jim Hale and in voice vote, the Board approved. The purchase of two small Isabel Bloom statues to be used in the display of the fudge was also discussed. A motion to approve the purchase of the statues was made by Dr. Dyke and seconded by Barbara Erdman; however, in discussion of the motion, Dave Johnson made a motion to table the decision until further investigation of a possible price reduction of the statues might be made. That motion was seconded by Jim Hale. In a vote of four to two, the motion to purchase was tabled until the next Board meeting.


Unfinished Business

Because there has been no response from the company that was awarded the contract to replace the roof of the Library, the Board asked Library Director Crawford to contact them.



With no further business before the Board, Barbara Erdman made a motion to adjourn. Jim Hale seconded that motion and the meeting was adjourned at 7:45. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on November 9, 2009 at 6:30PM at the Library.

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